Robert Martinez

BW PR PhotowhtPeople have always interested Artist Robert Martinez.  He’s grown up on the Wind River Reservation as a part of many different cultures; Northern Arapaho, Chicano, and Anglo.  Those differences and similarities have shaped the ideas and the subject matter of his paintings.

Deeply influenced by the renaissance masters and their effectiveness with the figure, he has still managed to capture the “character” of his subject and even draws upon fantasy illustration to draw your eye to his point… the person.

Many of his works depict ideas of beauty, culture, or most often the kinds of people he knows.  Native Americans, Cowboys, trappers.  He lives in the “West” and so, most often, he paints who he knows.  He also depicts those people he admires, Medicine Men, Priests, and Martial Artists for their dedication to their beliefs and their own ideals.

He has shown in the halls of Congress and has been awarded Peoples Choice awards as well as awards for Painting & Drawing through numerous Art Associations.  Recently the Wyoming Arts Council chose him as one of their top “Roster Artists” to support arts through out Wyoming’s communities. The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian recently purchased one of his pencil drawings for their permanent collection. Video

Although he most often paints on canvas, he has done many commissioned works as well.  Wall Murals, Sculpture, Illustrations, Family Portraits, even some Logos and Graphic design.